Your Guide to the Power Animal Universe


Star Animal Sundays is a modern-day expression of style and spirituality that exists at the crossroads of symbolism, nature, and wellness. 

Think of a special encounter you’ve had with an animal or perhaps a reoccurring dream. Maybe a certain animal coincidentally shows up in your life at a significant time, or perhaps you’ve had an affinity for the eagle, elephant or fox since childhood but don’t know why. This closeness, this connection is more than coincidence – it’s the power of animal spirit guides - sometimes called “spiritual animals”.  According to ancient cultures and shamanic beliefs, these special creatures are embodied spirits that present themselves to us through the animal kingdom. They carry with them symbolism and guidance meant to bring clarity and comfort. 

Ancient cultures and shamans throughout history have looked to the animal spirit as a guide, pathfinder, or messenger sent to protect, enlighten, and show us the way. They are also believed to reflect characteristics, qualities, and traits that we embody – are you inherently gentle and peaceful like the doe? Or magnetic and social like the firefly - shining your light everywhere you go? Tuning into your stillness and discovering your animal spirit guide can bring forth wisdom and holistic connection, and believed to teach us about our deepest selves through self discovery and the magic of nature.

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Choose an animal that reflects the qualities you already possess or find one that exhibits the characteristics you hope to embody. Wear your Star Animal Sundays charm as a reminder of your best self – let the powerful spirit of your animal find and guide you. 

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