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A Brief History

A Personal Connection

A Traditional Blessing

The Meditation

Here’s a traditional meditation used by shamans to help you connect with your animal guide.

Start by finding a quiet, comfortable place where you can sit in meditation quietly or listen to shamanic drumming. Close your eyes and set the intention to travel into the lower world to find a spiritual animal. Find a place where you can go down into the earth, maybe it’s a cavern deep in the ocean, a tree that lets you travel down its roots or a cave. Make your way down into the lower world through a tunnel. When you see the light at the end, step out into your surroundings. Walk around and observe whatever you see. You might notice many different animals, but you’ll know your animal guide because it will appear to you three times. Once this happens, you can ask what gifts or information it has for you. Spend time with your animal and let it take you on a journey – be open to its messages. When you’re finished, embrace your animal and thank it for its guidance; feel its energy within you. Now it’s time to start back the same way you came, retracing your steps until you find yourself in the place where you started. Slowly move several parts of your body before opening your eyes. Know that your animal is with you and will come to help you whenever it is summoned. If you encounter an animal and feel that it is not your true spiritual animal, embrace it anyway for it might be bringing you an important message. You can repeat the meditation at a later time. Also, pay close attention to the presence of animals in your dreams and waking life – they could be meaningful signs. If you’re still doubtful about your animal, a medicine man or woman may be a helpful resource.