The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear


Accepting and graceful, the spirit polar bear is at home both on land and in the water. It is at once incredibly powerful and playfully lighthearted. The Eskimo and Intuit people hold the Polar Bear in the highest regard, as the embodiment of the North spirit, and an animal who possesses ancient wisdom and shamanic powers. Although it can swim up to 100 miles nonstop, the Polar Bear always observes a situation first, knowing how to preserve its energy and strength and use it in the most appropriate way at the most appropriate moment. As such, the spirit polar bear it delivers a message to manage our time and ourselves wisely. The Polar Bear’s stunning white coat is highly significant as it represents purity and connection to the divine. Its fearless spirit allows universal energy to flow, making it a useful ally in moving past physical and mental fear. 

Those who identify with this animal often find fulfillment in protective services and environmental endeavors.

The polar bear comes into your life as a reminder to find peace and serenity in a loud and chaotic world. It promotes perseverance in though times and carries the message to never let go of your dreams. 

Your mind is a powerful thing - focus on what you want and attract the energy to make it a reality.  

Traits of the polar bear are Accepting, Grateful, Determined, Courageous, Powerful, Playful and Intelligent. 

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