The Fox

The Fox


Adaptable and charismatic, the fox is a clever land animal that is always able to see the humor in even the most dire of situations. Its cunning nature helps to avoid drama by working around obstacles instead of confronting them head on. Those who identify with this animal enjoy teaching, mentoring, and engaging in problem solving.

The Fox is the most powerful influencer of the Mayan spirit animals. It is talented in using its clever wit to gain support from others in the pursuit of big picture goals. As charming as it is, the Fox also craves time alone to recharge and replenish its energy. Once it does this, it is unstoppable. Although it views itself as a transparent being, others often see it as secretive and mysterious. If you find the Fox to be your spirit power animal it may be an indication that you should be more upfront and honest about your needs so as to not be careless with the feelings of others. Though you may have a harder time maintaining friendships and amorous connections, working on communication skills can overcome this obstacle and help forge strong, life-long relationships with special people. 

Traits of the fox are Quick Learner, Strong Partner, Adaptable, Charismatic and Teacher.

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