The Wolf

The Wolf


As a pack-oriented land animal, the spirit wolf puts friends and family first. Sharp instincts and keen intelligence make it a great team player, offering safety and security to its clan. At the same time, it is highly social and loves to play and communicate with those around it. Fiercely loyal, it lives to protect its loved ones and usually mates for life.

The wolf appears as a reminder to listen to your instincts and go deep into your soul in order to attend to your own wellbeing. If you feel someone is not being sincere or doesn’t have your best interest at heart, trust your gut.

You possess a keen intelligence ‚Ästpay attention to your inner voice for it will always point you in the right direction.

The wolf’s essence lies in its loyalty, instincts, and protective nature. Family and friends are everything to this animal and it will go to great lengths to protect its loved ones. The wolf is unique in that it is very social and believes in teamwork, but also values independence and flourishes on its own, without the pressure of others.

Turn to your wolf spirit animal whenever you feel lost, misguided or deceived. It can shed light on your emotional state and bring attention to the things that might be causing an emotional imbalance. Due to its capacity for creating deep emotional bonds, its appearance in your life could mean there is a threat from someone you love or that your romantic life is lacking in trust or loyalty. Take some time to sit with yourself and become intimately acquainted with your inner voice to find the answers you are looking for.

The traits of the wolf are Opportunistic, Territorial, Survivor, Wise, Leader, Reliable, and Faithful.

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