The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale


A water animal with deep emotional strength, the blue whale is characterized by compassion and serenity. It is known for its wisdom and steady, comforting manner. Those who identify with this animal find fulfillment in service of others, particularly on a psychological level.

If you observe the Blue Whale’s motion through the water, you’ll notice a slow, almost meditative quality to it. This is a physical representation of its stable nature. The Blue Whale is a powerful ally, for it is a steadfast guide known for upholding the truth in all situations, Those who are connected to the Blue Whale share in this talent, helping their friends and family see things for what they really are, especially when they are blinded by emotion. It is inherently connected to the collective unconscious, much like the ocean within which it resides. As your spirit power animal, it gives you the power to navigate both worlds and act as a bridge between the two. While you are highly aware of things beyond this realm, be sure to return from those ethereal places and plant your feet firmly in this reality. 

Traits of the blue whale are Compassionate, Peaceful, Emotional Strength, Wise, and Calm.

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