The Horse

The Horse


A highly motivated and intuitive land animal, the horse is a true freedom-seeker. From winged Pegasus to unicorns to the stallions of Apollo, the Horse is a common character in mythology, often shown to possess psychic powers. It has given humans freedom of movement in a way no other animal has: shortening journeys, making hunting easier, and allowing for whole villages to relocate. For these reasons, Native American cultures view it as a symbol of the utmost power. The spirit horse's high level of energy delivers physical strength and vitality, while psychological stamina allows it to face life head-on and overcome obstacles that stand in the way. 

The spirit horse energy is all about learning to use this power correctly, by opening up to others with compassion and love. If this spirit power animal appears in your life, it is here to teach you how to ride towards new directions and awaken your own freedom and power. Hone in on what deeply drives you and you will reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible. Those who identify with this animal may find fulfillment as a high-powered executive, entrepreneur, or athlete.

Your drive for success and desire for independence can cause you to neglect current responsibilities - the horse connects with you as a reminder to stay balanced and control your ardent urges.

Traits of the horse are Driven, Motivated, Passionate, Seeking Freedom, High Energy, and Intuitive.

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