The Swan

The Swan


In the tradition of Shamanism, the elders believed Spirit Swan was the ‘soul’ of a voyaging medicine woman. Swan represents power in the unveiling of our sacred journey of transcendence. As we surrender to the chaos of life and flow with our soul voice, we merge all planes of consciousness. Swan helps us trust our visions. If you are drawn to Swan medicine, pay attention to your dreams as She brings messages to go beyond the accepted reality. Swan represents a spiritual connection to the Higher Realms and resides in both worlds because she is connected to air and water.

Swans have a long history of representing eleganceromanceloyaltybalance and creativity. The Grimm brothers, Hans Christian Andersen, and other fairytale writers, have written about the Swan Maiden shape-shifting between a woman and swan form - the feminine soul dwelling in the swan. “Swan Lake,” depicts the many facets of swan’s heart medicine; Odette, the White Swan, symbolizes the ideal woman, while Odile, the Black Swan, symbolizes the darker aspects of our subconscious. This inner turmoil is part of the teaching that swan medicine allows us to embark on - addressing repressed fantasies. Further, Spirit Swan teaches us to love ourselves in order to call in our divine partner. By creating an adoring bond with ourselves, we can create a sacred relationship with others. A pair of swans mate for life, they are loyal and devoted to each other, teaching us about unconditional love.

Traits of the Swan are: Elegant, Loyal, Romantic, Creative, and Balanced.

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