The Swan

The Swan


An elegant water animal, the spirit swan is skilled at seamlessly balancing work, family, and play. It forms strong bonds, but also knows that personal solitude is important for recharging. A Swan’s graceful movement through the water has a profoundly calming effect – it moves along with great ease, leaving barely a ripple in its wake. Through its example, the Swan reminds us to make our way gently through the tides of life instead of fighting against them. The tale of the ugly duckling that turned into a Swan is a great example of this power animal’s message: first appearances can be deceptive because true beauty is found within. 

As we tap into our own inner beauty and heighten our self-esteem our power grows. If the spirit swan enters your life, it signals a time of expanding awareness and developing of intuitive abilities. Accept the healing and change that is beginning in your life and go with the flow in order to tap into your inner knowledge.

Moreover, given the spirit swan's creative talents, those who identify with this animal may find themselves drawn to design and creative writing. 

 As perfection is always the goal, those who identify with the swan may be devastated by failure and heartbreak. The swan acts as a reminder to surround yourself with a strong, supportive community and to always maintain hope when faced with setbacks.

Dive into your creativity to spark inner healing - you are stronger than you think.

 Traits of the swan are Elegant, Loyal, Romantic, Creative, and Balanced.

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