The Owl

The Owl


Known for its sharp vision and stellar judgment, the spirit owl is highly intuitive and unafraid. It is a symbol of luck, helping to unlock your full potential and discover new abilities.

Those who identify with the owl are deep and sensitive, but take very calculated action instead of making emotional decisions. Your keen observation skills give you the ability to know when it‚Äôs appropriate to express yourself, and when it‚Äôs best to hold back. The owl symbolizes your wisdom and intelligence, and how you use these traits to uplift your life and that of others. Your gift of foresight allows you to make the best decisions, seeing past what others can see. This spirit animal‚Äôs appearance foreshadows transition‚Äď‚Äďas the owl flies in, so too may unusual things mysteriously unfold in your life. Expect the unexpected and you will soon discover a higher power‚Äôs guidance in these unforeseen circumstances.¬†

Your wisdom makes others feel safe and secure‚ÄĒuse this deep inner knowing to find the best path and people for you.¬†

Cloaked in mystery, the owl is a highly intuitive, insightful being. Just as its wisdom allows it to see what others cannot, those who connect with this spirit animal can see beyond the masks that people wear. You can crack through a person’s façade and see their intentions clearly. The owl spirit animal indicates that you find life’s mysteries completely fascinating, and enjoy exploring uncharted territories and knowing the unknown. You seek to make sense of things that you do not understand. Because of this, you are wiser, stronger, deeply grounded with Mother Earth, and more intuitive. 

If the owl spirit enters your life, it means that the time has come to let go of the old so that you can make room for a positive arrival. Your owl spirit animal is reassuring you that you need only take that big, brave step, and everything else will follow. Call on it when you are experiencing tough or confusing times‚ÄĒit will give you the clarity and direction you need to make sense of things.¬†

The traits of the owl are Wise, Insightful, Mysterious, Psychic, Lucky and Good judgment.

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