The Hawk

The Hawk


A majestic animal of the air, the spirit hawk represents focus, strength, and poise. It soars high in the sky, from where it enjoys a vast perspective on life. From here it can scan its environment, looking for potential threats and sources of food. Therefore, it represents the ability to look at the big picture and not get too wrapped up in petty details. It’s also believed that the hawk is deeply connected to, and a direct messenger from the spirit world.

The hawk appears as a reminder to see things from a higher perspective and deepen your focus while avoiding distractions. It doesn‚Äôt wait for others to pave the way, so call on this spirit animal whenever you feel uncertain about your ability to be a powerful leader and forge into new territory. It will help you build confidence and realize you have what it takes to make your dreams come true. You have a strong connection to the spirit world‚ÄĒtap into your intuition to activate your inner knowing and make focused decisions.

Watching a hawk soar through the air is a sort of transcendent experience. Its strength is undeniable, yet it floats like a feather, looking down at all of life below. Its time in the sky not only gives it higher vision and the ability to scan its environment, but also fosters a deep connection to the spirit world. The hawk is a true example of a strong, clear vision. 

This animal guide represents the ability to see the big picture, lead others, and take initiative‚ÄĒit is a reminder to look at things from a higher perspective and focus on your observation skills in order to get things done and take the lead in life. Call on it whenever you feel uncertain about your ability to become a powerful leader for others‚ÄĒit will give you confidence and help you realize your great potential in achieving your goals. If the hawk appears in your life, it‚Äôs a sign that you‚Äôre moving in the right direction and are being guided on the path of your divine purpose.¬†

Traits of the hawk are Intuitive, Focused, Protective, Problem solving, Keen and Being of Providence.

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