The Hound

The Hound


A land animal deeply rooted in home and family, the hound is a loyal protector who shows unconditional love in service of others. Guardian, protector, and man’s best friend – all characteristics of the Hound. Known for its loyalty, it protected the tribe dwellings, alerted of incoming danger and also offered warmth in the cold months. Hounds are the definition of unconditional love, always serving and never asking for praise in return. So too are those that identify with this animal spirit, finding joy in acts of kindness instead of material things. Vast intuition lends a keen sense of when protection is needed, while a playful spirit brings joy to the lives of everyone the hound encounters. If you find the spirit Hound has entered your life, it may be telling you that in addition to helping others, it is vital to also be loyal and truthful to yourself.

Moreover, if the spirit hound enters your life, it is a reminder to maintain your integrity, but also to be your own best friend as you may be prone to over-giving of yourself.

Your unconditional love for others is highly valued-surround yourself with those who appreciate you and are capable of reciprocity.

Those who identify with the hound will often find purpose through charitable and humanitarian work. 

Traits of the hound are Protective, Loyal, Loves Unconditionally, Playful, and Intuitive. 

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