The Cat

The Cat


A land animal with a deep sense of adventure, the cat has a sensuous nature and highly independent spirit. Wanderlust and a sensitivity to surrounding lead it to seek out beauty and novelty far and wide. Those who identify with the cat value autonomy in their work and often fulfillment through travel and design.

Due to their x-ray vision, acute hearing and high intelligence, cats have been used as protectors throughout history. In ancient Egypt, they were not only responsible for guarding the temple gates and fending off evil, but were also treated like royalty and given special privileges. Their innate ability to see extremely well in the dark and feel at home in it carries the metaphysical meaning of being able to traverse fears with ease. The cat teaches us that the physical and spiritual worlds are not separate and acts as a fearless spirit guide that lends courage and confidence, guiding you into the world of self-discovery and transformation. Unlike humans, a cat's energy field rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, allowing it to absorb and neutralize negative energy – just by petting a cat, your energy field might perhaps feel realigned and inner balance restored.

The cat appears in your life and connects with you as a reminder to stay curious and enjoy the magic of life, but also break out of your insular world to see things through the eyes of others so that your independence and secrecy does not lead to isolation.

Celebrate your independence and go after new opportunities - your self-reliance is both admirable and seductive. 

Traits of the cat are Secretive, Curious, Sensual, Independent, and Adventurous. 

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