The Elephant

The Elephant


Known for its deep generosity and wisdom, the elephant is an animal of the land that symbolizes contentment, calm, and reliability. Through its loyal and caring nature, it acts as an inspiration and source of safety for friends and family. Those who identify with the elephant are natural caregivers, but may also find fulfillment in the realms of research and science, for they have deep thoughts and emotions, and respond to them from a place of inner knowledge.

The Elephant has been revered throughout history by many cultures. In the Far East, it is looked upon as the animal that holds up the world while supporting the celestial sphere. In Hindu tradition, those that harness the power of the Elephant are able to realize their hearts' desires, since it acts as a remover of obstacles and barriers under the appearance of Ganesh, a worshipped deity. It has emotions comparable to humans – love, joy, rage, and jealousy – and its strong sense of commitment bestows the ability and importance of listening to and caring for others. Its presence as a pillar of community and humanity shows us that by supporting and loving one another, our own ability to thrive is enhanced, therefore allowing us to create deep relationships and a strong, supportive community.  

Traits of the elephant are Loyal, Caring, Generous, Wise, and Reliable.

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