The Firefly

The Firefly


Creative and kind, the spirit firefly is a natural communicator with a pure spirit. This animal spirit guide knows that external light means nothing without internal beauty, and inspires others to be their best selves by shining from within. Those who identify with the spirit firefly have the ability to light up a room and incite admiration. A bedazzling personality, those who identify with the spirit firefly often find fulfillment in the worlds of public relations, communications, motivational speaking, or by simply being on the world stage.

According to shamanic beliefs, the firefly comes into your life to enhance your consciousness and make you more appreciative of the important role that nature plays in your life. In such, it inspires you to cherish and care for Mother Earth, in the same way you care for yourself. As it lives a life characterized by simplicity and freedom, it too highlights this lifestyle for you. While teaching the value of living harmoniously with everything around you, the spirit firefly also stresses the importance of efficiency and economy, both when dealing with the material and your precious energy. It brings the message to follow your own light (which has the power to attract the right people and ideas) and be persistent in achieving your goals but while at “one with the universe”. Harness and balance your gifts appropriately so as not to burn out.  

Traits of the Firefly are Creative, Pure, Communicator, Social, and Kind

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