The Gazelle

The Gazelle


An optimistic and perceptive land animal, the gazelle is a symbol of rising above adversity by using one's inherent tools. Skilled at staying above the fray, the gazelle navigates its current terrain and allows all available opportunities to open up to it. A top food source for big cats, the Gazelle often finds itself in very precarious positions. In an effort to escape its biggest predator, the incomparably fast cheetah, the Gazelle has acquired the ability to move swiftly from side to side often outwitting its persecutor. The Gazelle teaches that with awareness and skill we can learn to work with our own vulnerabilities. If you feel this animal spirit appears in your life it is a reminder to explore new paths and not be afraid to change direction when required – always build up your energy and don’t waste it on futile thoughts or efforts that lead to negativity. 

Because of your vulnerability to outside forces, you tend to move fast and may forget to communicate deeply with yourself first. The gazelle connects with you as a reminder to take a deep breath, befriend your inner self and not let life's threats consume you.

Those who identify with this animal enjoy inspiring others through original concepts and leading creative endeavors, while many turn to dance as a form of expression.

Traits of the gazelle are Graceful, Optimistic, Eager, Artistic, and Perceptive. 

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