Each month we invite an esteemed special guest from the holistic world to opine and share their thoughts and feelings on their process, soul work, spirit, animal guides, channeling, meditation, and their ethos

We welcome you to share in this self-reflection with us, in the hope you'll gain all the goodness that comes through insight, centeredness, peace, and a greater sense of connectedness with source energy 


SHANNON COOLEY - Spiritual mentor, psychic, tarot card reader & crystal reiki healer 

Q: You're an esteemed clairvoyant with a clientele that reads like an LA industry party list. How did that come about? 

 A: Magic! And following my inner guidance without questioning it. It is said that everything is available to us, we just create the resistance. So I’ve been practicing meditation techniques, rituals and the flow of the moon for many years - in order to move through any perceived limitations with ease, grace + flow… this is something I share with my spiritual coaching clients in my 12 week empowerment coaching. 

I never sought out to be a celeb psychic … it found me. I simply followed my joy and ended up with an amazing group of beautiful souls that I’m honored to connect with. Being the resident tarot card reader and spiritual coach at the Golden Door has been an incredible gift. How I ended up there was truly magical … again, it found me. I just fully surrendered and allowed it to drop in.

 Q: You're a psychic for others, but are you able to be a psychic for yourself? Can you expand on your capabilities? 

 A: Yes! My gifts have always been with me. My strongest ‘clairs’ are clairvoyance (clear sight), clairsentience (clear feeling) and clairaudience (clear hearing). Being a highly sensitive empath, I have deeply heightened intuition + discernment, which I trust implicitly. I always know the best way forward. That being said, sometimes my little human ego ~ needs confirmation from source. So I have a few amazing psychic, healer, medicine women that I go to when I need to. Typically it’s when I’m more emotionally attached to a particular outcome and I need a little help surrendering. I’m still in a human body having a physical experience! At times I just throw my head back and laugh when my humanness tries to run the show… ha! Then I gently remind my ego that I’m in charge :)

 Q: What is your belief in spirit power animals? Do you have one and how did you discover it?

 A: Being an earthy venusian Taurus, I have always had spirit animals around supporting my life journey. I have different animals that will come in and offer strength or transformation or psychic protection. Since I moved to the ocean 2 years ago I have been connecting with Dolphin Spirit. It happened during a plant medicine journey before I found my home on the water. I was swimming with dolphins and I was a mermaid! I was also told by my pleiadian guides that dolphins are pleiadian and they are the vibration of joy. They are here to guide me but in order to connect, I need to keep my vibration very high and attuned to joy. When I am ‘en-joy’ I am very magnetic and easily attract my manifestations + more things that bring me JOY! It’s such a beautiful gift. I am infinitely grateful for my dolphin spirit guides.

 Q: What is your favorite crystal for people who are just embarking on their spiritual journey? 

 A: I have a few! My favorites are Moonstone, which activates divine feminine wisdom and encourages receiving; Citrine, which is the vibration of Joy and encourages attraction; Rose Quartz, which is the vibration of Love and encourages self love + strengthens divine worth; and Celestine (which is the first one that came to my mind) ~~~ Celestine helps with channeling and I instantly connect with my pleiadian guides and goddesses when I work with this beautiful geode. Celestine supports your connection with the divine + universal consciousness. It’s a clear channel to source.

 Q: Can you share an affirmation for the new moon? And/or any rituals you practice during a new moon? 

 A: Over the years I have used many different rituals involving candles, oils, herbs etc… but I’ve since kept my practice very simple, yet potent! On each new moon I ‘call in’ what I desire. I have cultivated a very simple form of ‘scripting’. I simply write a thank you note to the universe. The idea is, you are living in your wish fulfilled. It’s a combination of a few practices I’ve cultivated over the years. One being, The Law of Assumption. When do you write a thank you note? After you’ve received a gift ~ so that exercise alone is bringing your gift into your physical reality. I also teach this practice and a particular way of scripting in my spiritual coaching. When I put this particular practice together ~ it became very potent and my manifestations started coming in very quickly! 

 Q: What is the difference in energy between a full moon and a new moon? 

 A: Full moons are about releasing and letting go of anything in the way of your hearts desires, dreams & manifestations. It is a cleansing of the energy around you and within you - even on a cellular level. It is an opportunity to let go of things that are blocking your ability to receive. When you let go, release, purge the old stagnant energy of limiting beliefs + emotional trauma, you clear space for new higher vibrational beliefs. This raises your vibration and makes you energetically more ‘attractive’. Then the new moon energy is more potent, because you’ve created room for the new!

 New moons are about calling in your dreams and making them your reality. Everything you can imagine can be yours. There is a version of you within the multiverse that already has the things that you desire. You’re an electromagnetic being, so you’re always attracting things based on your inner beliefs that then become your physical experience. New moon energy is alive with possibilities ~ working with this energy regularly will magically attract what you desire more of … it empowers you to embody those versions of yourself that already has the things you desire. Then you just wait for inspiration and take any guided action steps toward your new reality!

 Q: What's one practice that you recommend everyone integrate into their day? 

 A: Meditation! Its a must. This is how we receive. We can ask in so many different ways, but meditation brings us the answers, grounds our energy and activates our creative consciousness. When we close our eyes our pineal gland opens and the portal to the divine begins streaming into our vessel through our crown chakra. This stream is a download of energy, awareness, light codes and sometimes, thoughts or words of guidance (but not always). So don’t overthink it ~ simply stop, drop and meditate! 15 minutes twice a day is what I use and teach… Namaste!

 Q: Have you had any spirit animal encounters lately? 

 A: Yes! As I type this Butterfly Spirit come to visit me. I’m writing this in Costa Rica and a big gorgeous butterfly flew around me and under the chair I’m sitting in… what a gift! I own 2 Star Animal Sundays necklaces and they are dolphin + butterfly spirit ~ very fitting!

 Butterfly spirit, for me, is about transformation + aligning with the highest version of myself, my most unapologetic authenticity! Butterfly spirit encourages you to know how beautiful, infinitely worthy & resilient you are.

 Q: Can you explain what quantum light code activation is and why it's so important? 

 A: Quantum Light Codes offer assistance on the ascension journey as well as light language, twin flame guidance, healing & self mastery on all levels. Light Codes are divine frequencies encoded with healing, information from the Universe and messages that can unlock higher frequencies of love and light available to you. Light Codes can support you in raising your vibration, activating your dormant DNA and tuning into your own power + your own unique talents and gifts. Light carries quantum information or codes which, can lead to chemical responses in your body, overriding and reprogramming old beliefs. It creates quantum space in our cellular biology for the crystalline light of our higher self to integrate or burst into our quantum fabric.

 Early in my practice I realized, no matter the modality my clients chose (tarot, spiritual coaching, crystal healing, energy work - in person or remote) there was an activation of these codes. I saw them during a plant medicine journey. They look like little symbols (like hieroglyphics) in light form swirling around us. They can also come through as vibrations in the body, mudras or light language (these are just ways of communicating or channeling light). These codes are dormant within us, often referred to as ‘kundalini codes’ and typically activated during deep spiritual practices. A lot are being called to activate their light codes now because our planet needs this light more than ever!

 Q: Lastly, can you offer any guidance to those who are trying to connect to their highest power and their spirit animal? 

 A: In my own personal journey + experience with clients the most important piece is to surrender to the Magic of the universe and who you truly are… You are light! Ask your spirit animal guides to show you the way and open yourself up to seeing things through a new lens. Believing is receiving! Pay attention to your thoughts + words you choose… let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts & language. Your word is your wand! Our perception defines our reality and what we experience. What we believe to be true is! Shift your beliefs to align with your desires and watch things unfold with wonder + joy! If you need a little help getting there, find a coach or guide that resonates with you! You’ve got Magic in your bones baby ~ you chose to be here to play, experience and ‘en-JOY’ yourself! 



ANDRÉA ARARÊ - Divine Feminine Priestess and Shamanic Healer


Q: You're a shaman from Brazil living in London. Why London?

A: I didn't plan to move to London, the same way I didn't plan most of my life's journey. My husband is European, and we moved here three years ago for his work. After 10 years building a community in NYC, I had to start all over again, here in Europe, and I’m pleased to say it all worked out: I offer ceremonies in some of the most beautiful places in London.


Q: Do you come from a family of shamans?; that is, what influenced you or made you gravitate towards this spiritual profession?

A: My family is mostly non-practicing Christians, although Brazil has an enormous diversity of religious ideals and affiliations. I actually don't remember *not* being interested in exploring spirituality. I chose to experience religious and spiritual paths when I was very young. I joined a Spiritism (Kardecism) Center when I was a teenager and was trained as an energy worker. I was almost 20 when I was introduced to shamanism, through my teacher, during a ceremony, and shortly after I started the training, it felt so natural to me.

Q: Are there different types of shamanic philosophies or are they all part of one over-arching belief, with variations in practice and approach?

That is a great question, and I can't say that I know enough about other lineages outside of mine to answer it. Michael James Harner, the anthropologist who brought shamanism to modern cultures, has drawn similarities that would make us believe that all shamanic cultures built their connection with nature and the Divine.

Q: Your energy is amazing. How do you keep the stressors and pressures of everyday life from chipping away at your peace and stability? Of course, as a practitioner, you have to keep yourself fine-tuned for healing others, but, what exactly do you do to heal yourself when you need healing?

A: I am a modern shamanic practitioner, as in, I have always lived in big cities, and I am triggered by urban stressors. I am blessed by the love from my family, and I honestly can say that my husband is my anchor. I lean on my cyclical practices that help me release inner pressure, and rituals to nurture me. I also exchange healing sessions with other practitioners, have regular massage, acupuncture and chiropractor appointments. I receive healing from my mentors because I really believe in what I give to others :)
Q: What is your spirit power animal, and do you have more than one?

My current one is the Eagle, and my first one, when I was 18, was the Horse. I have learned a great deal from them and received so much guidance. Also, it was a surprise to me that my drum, when I was hand making it, was born with its own power animal: Bee!

Q: Can you share with us any interesting occurrences, dreams, and/or magical moments you had with animals where it was clear there was a greater spiritual message at work?

A: Now you just asked one of a shaman's favorite questions! From all the stories I have, I will share a recent one, because there were many witnesses. I was asked to create a union ceremony for a lovely couple on a beautiful summer’s day. We were a group of 10+ people sitting outside, performing rituals together and holding space for them. Towards the end, when I started singing a song of the sunrise, calling in new beginnings for them, a hawk started flying above our circle - a beautiful sign that the couple was being blessed by the Divine.

Q: What are the various ways you can help someone unearth and connect with their spirit power animal?

A: I started using shamanic journeying more than 25 years ago, and I still fully trust this practice. I am not embarrassed to say that my first experience was disappointing because I was not ready to surrender. So although it took me multiple trials, with my teacher’s help and patience, I ultimately got there on my own, and I will always remember and cherish that moment. The sound and rhythm of the drum can carry us to higher levels of consciousness and allow us to hear our inner wisdom.

Q: Once they've discovered their animal, what would you recommend as a daily or weekly practice to stay connected with that spiritual animal energy (and using their SAS charm)?

A: Excellent question! Our connection with a power animal is a relationship, and relationships need attention and nurturance to grow. Awareness of their qualities/gifts is important, as is paying attention to what they are bringing into your life. Calling in your animal for "a talk", asking a question, being mindful of their influence, acknowledging insights that come from them, dancing with them, and seeking their perspective will strengthen the connection. An animal totem, the
symbolic representation of your spirit animal guide, is a traditional way to connect with their trades. It can be represented in painting, sculpture, jewelry, or any artistic expression. I have made a felt Eagle for my altar, but it is very common to wear them.

Q: Some believe that we are born with a spirit animal, whereas others conversely believe that spirit power animals are brought to us in different ways at different times throughout life. What is your take on it?

A: I embrace both! I believe that the spirit animal that we are born with will eventually be replaced with other ones aligned with our current needs. I have experienced that my power animals have changed after years of working with them and learning what they came to teach me. I have worked with different Spirit Animals and also maintained the same Power Animal for several years.

Q: Share with us what you're working on now in terms of your courses, events, and sessions. (explain to our audience what red tents are, moon ceremonies, and other interesting things they can partake in)

A: Currently, I am excited to be hosting again in-person ceremonies here in London, but my online services support clients worldwide. I offer online and in-person shamanic healing sessions, a course to be empowered by the rhythm of natural cycles: moon, feminine, and Earth, as well as, online Moon Ceremonies. The Moon Ceremonies are such a special place to make sense of the energy that influences us, to find clarity, and to connect with about 100 women who participate twice a month. My passion for helping women to heal was born from my own journey of healing my feminine expression and energy. The practice of women gathering is very ancient and naturally creates a space of transformation; most women will feel like they have done this before, even if they join the event for the first time. It is the evolution of the current patriarchal culture into a healed and balanced more feminine one. Those and more are on my website


POPPY JAMIE - Author, Entrepreneur and Podcast host



Q: Tell us what life was like growing up in England and where were your favorite surroundings?

A: Growing up in England was lovely although I always knew I was going to leave. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to travel and explore. I grew up in the English countryside with pet sheep, pet chickens and at one point, we had pet pigs and a pet parrot.


Q: Your new book has been garnering a lot of attention. Tell us about it and what inspired you to write it?

A: I decided to write the book I wish I’d had 10 years ago. I have been lucky to spend so many years now researching the mind and unlocking the ways we can all live our happiest, more fullest, flexible  lives and I felt it was time to share everything I had learned so others could experience the benefits. I wanted to use my personal experiences with anxiety, perfectionism, over thinking, over worrying to bring the science to life. Our brain is totally fascinating, our emotions can be annoying as they wonderful and I’ve witnessed the most profound changes in how I experience life purely through learning. I just wanted to share the freedom I’ve experienced.


Q: Aside from the 'wholeness' of mental and physical health share with us some of your other passions? 

A: I love travelling so very much. I will say yes to an adventure before someone has finished their sentence. I recently went to Japan with Four Seasons and it was just before the pandemic broke out. Kyoto was one of the most magical places I’ve ever been! I cannot wait to go back. I’ve traveled to many difference countries within Africa and have loved every trip. There are so so so many more on my bucket list.

I am a useless, terrible cook and really don’t enjoy it. I’d rather use the time cooking to be reading so end up cooking the most basic of meals which is very annoying for any boyfriend I am sure :)

 Q: What are your favorite modalities that bring you inner peace?

A: Sound healing, dancing, breath work, cold water swimming, journaling, massage, Reiki, energy healing, the list goes on!

   Q: What are some of your favorite qualities in a human, and/or more cherished in friends?

A: Kindness, thoughtfulness, fun, curiosity!!




 Q: Do you feel that animals have energy the same way humans do, in a sense where they might have some type of divine purpose as well?

A: Yes yes yes and more yes!!! Animals teach us so much about how to be human. They understand they need to relax after being in their fight or flight, snakes teach us to shed our skins and celebrate growth, Flamingo’s teach us to balance and the power of stillness. Owls teach us wisdom. Dogs teach us unconditional love and it continues. Every animal I truly believe is here to guide, teach and inspire us to return to living in harmony with the natural world.

 Q: Tell us about any interesting spirit power animal encounters where you felt there might be an otherworldly energy at play?

 A: I recently had a gate-keeping butterfly land on me and wouldn’t leave. I felt the Butterfly was reassuring me that a gateway into my future was here. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and three hours later it arrived. There was something very calming to the experience.

 Q: Have you ever had a recurring dream about a specific animal where you felt it was 'a message'?  What animal are you most connected to?

A: I grew up believing that if I was an animal, I would be a flamingo. I have no idea why but I just absolutely loved their colour, their elegance and their kindness. I now have a picture of a flamingo on my wall at home and I love admiring it everyday.



COLLEEN MCCANN - Energy Stylist


My magical connection with animals started during my past-life working as an NYC fashion stylist. I started noticing snake-y symbolism slithering towards me during a time in my life that I was going through major personal transformation-like going to Shaman School, learning about crystal healing, getting Reiki attuned, seeing spirits & having premonition dreams.  At a photo shoot I was surrounded by vintage enamel snake bangles from the 70's, cobra t-shirt graphics & python prints. A 'subway personality' tried to put his pet boa constrictor on my shoulders in exchange for $5 on the L-train.  At a gallery opening the artwork I was attracted to was inspired by Wadjet, the Egyptian snake goddess. My inside voice was screaming, “what's up with all this snake stuff around me… this isn't just the latest trend!'  'Snake medicine' handed me a personal invite to shed the layers of my life that were no longer serving me and I was hearing it in the loudest way possible...from everyone and everything in my environment. And change did come-I left the fashion industry, moved to California and founded Style Rituals.

After being in the wellness world for 15 years I have learned that the spirit of the snake crosses my path when major transformation is on the horizon. My business is built on snake vibes as I assist in aligning the energetic and visual bodies of people going through personally transformative moments. I learned that the universe asks me to lean into new experiences that invite a 're-style' and then I share all the tools, techniques & rituals that have helped me with my clients, students and mentees in a palatable and fun way. We are in a time of great change on our planet in both our internal and external worlds. All of us are being asked to shed the metaphorical skin which no longer serves us whether it's a job, relationship, belief system, lifestyle or all of the above. I thought it would be timely and nourishing to offer some tips on how we can all get educated & empowered to have our own creature connection by embracing one of my favorite Animal Icons: The Serpent.


 Firstly, I believe anyone can connect with an animal's energy. Animals have been honored as omens, emblems & teachers in every culture & belief system since man has inhabited earth. The oldest known artifact of ‘animal honoring’ comes via a 44,000 year old cave painting in France. Depending on what tradition you come from they may be addressed as animal guides, animal oracles, animal essences, spirit animals, power animals or animal helpers. In the Norse & Celtic Shamanic lineages, where my ancestry originates, people have been addressing them as 𝘧𝘺𝘭𝘨𝘫𝘶𝘳 or 𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘮𝘩í 𝘣𝘪𝘰𝘵á𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘦 since 3BC.  Animal Icons can be seen in every faith practice, belief system and modality and is such a beautiful thread that sews us together as an inclusive global people. Historically snakes represent fertility, creativity, life force energy & their skin shedding symbolically connects with rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. The Nagas of India, half human & half viper serpent-spirits, brings aid to women on a fertility journey. The Hopi Snake Clan believe that water-snakes protect the tribe on their hikes and hunts. And in Celtic symbolism serpents are viewed as a multifaceted symbol that represents the idea of the creation process.


  If a particular animal keeps popping up in your life perhaps this “animal medicine” is trying to send a message your way.  

 Take a moment to reflect on how the shamanic, indigenous, or ancient information translates into your life as a symbol or a message. Be open to what the animal represents & be ready to engage when it extends the invitation. Engage with your animal by noticing what mental, emotional, spiritual & physical characteristics are surfacing for you currently that are being reflected through the animal.

 There are many ways to engage with the animal's symbolic energy by honoring its presence. Build an altar to welcome its energetic presence. Wear a Star Animal Sundays Charm. Get physical by visiting a wolf sanctuary, walking through an aviary, hanging at the dog park, or meet me at my newly launched energetic etiquette academy, Charm'd School™, for the Animal Icon's Class. 


 Serpentine 'the makeup wipe'

Septarian Quartz 'the weekly exfoliant'

Mosaic Quartz 'the chemical peel'

Photograph taken by Amy Dickerson for my book, Crystal Rx (Pub: Harper Collins). With great gratitude to Sacred Sexuality Teacher Londin Angel Winters & her temple snakes for posing for a pic and being a huge teacher in letting go.



DEBORAH HANEKAMP a.k.a MAMA MEDICINE - Medicine Reader, Healer, Author 

 For the past twenty years, I have been working as a Seeress, meaning I see the aura around animate and sometimes inanimate objects. This is a gift I’ve had for as long as I can remember and it is a tool I use in Medicine Readings. Being in the spiritual world for so long has taught me a lot. I’ve met many gifted healers and shamans, and I’ve also met a lot of charlatans and disempowered folks on some pedestal taking the power their followers are so willing to give up. Because of experience, and everything I’ve seen, I ask myself again and again; how can I use my gifts to be a light to myself and others while encouraging anyone who works with me to keep their power and trust themselves? The answer to this, is continuously reminding all who work with me to Be Your Own Healer, so much so that these words are the subtitle to my book Ritual Baths. 

 Being our own healer doesn’t mean that we can’t reach out for help from time to time, or learn from others, it just means that we can’t look to outside sources to “fix” us. The fact is, we are not broken or blocked, we are just ever-evolving through life’s twists and turns. It’s so beautiful, our mistakes, our flaws, and the moments when we realize we still have so much to learn. These moments are life's way of teaching us. 

I tell the folks in my online membership program, Space by Mama Medicine, the number one thing to remember on the path of Being Your Own Healer, is that You Are Nature. Yes Beloved, it’s true. And just like nature you follow the spiral-like rhythm of arising, abiding and fading away. All of life moves with this rhythm; it is what keeps us all connected. Because of this, when folks ask me about what a particular Spirit Animal means, I ask them, “what does it mean to you?” All of existence is within you and you are within all of existence, the animals, the stars, and the plants. To find their meanings and hear their songs look within.

 Allowing ourselves space, patience, and room to discover what animals, or any other symbol from spirit for that matter, means to us is powerful medicine and a potent way to be one's own healer. Read others descriptions, enjoy, but know the true meaning of what this animal is showing you is within you. 

So I can share with you this bit from my own experience, but please keep whatever resonates with you and set aside anything that doesn’t.

To me animals are of the angelic realm. True angels on earth. They appear when we are in need of guidance, grace, and medicine. If you go back far enough, back to the matriarchal period of your own lineages, you will find that your ancestors knew how to heed the animals' messages. Some of us awakened the ancient memory in our blood and can still remember the old ways. Sometimes life shows up to remind us...

Circa 2007 I was leading a women’s retreat in Thailand. On a full moon’s night I brought the beautiful women down to a remote beach and we entered deep into the Medicine Reading Ceremony. A group of (very) drunken men saw us and began approaching us ready to disturb the work, and just then a pack of wild dogs came out from behind the trees, barked at them, and chased them away. The alpha dog stayed alert beside us for the remainder of the evening while the rest of the pack rested nearby. The women were in awe! When we were done working, the Alpha walked me back to my hut and slept outside the door. When I woke, I planned the big breakfast I would give him, but when I stepped outside he was gone. 

Dog, and her relative Wolf, have been guides for me for many years. They remind me of who I am, and where and who I come from. They remind me to sing and follow the moon. Powerful examples of unconditional love, they are great healers of the heart. 

Other guides that come through for me are Bees.  My name means “busy bee” and whenever we go outside Bees land and kiss my daughter and I.  

Dragonfly, Golden Eagle and all the cats big and small help me navigate the dimensions and assist me when I’m facilitating healing. 

 But enough about me and my stories, what do your animals mean to you? This bath from my book can help...


Spirit guides are energies of plants, animals, stars, ancestors, angels, and multidimensional beings who guide and protect us. From my perspective, everyone has spirit guides and sometimes they show up in Medicine Readings with messages for my clients. In the ceremony part of a Medicine Reading, they come through to pour their love, healing, and medicine on my clients. Actually, during the ceremony, I feel like it isn’t even me doing any of the work. I feel like more of a recipient than anything. The client’s guides come through, happily getting the chance to work with them.

When I look at someone’s aura, spirit guides are almost always cobalt blue dots. Depending on where in the aura they are, I can see if it is an ancestor, an angel, an animal, or something else.

One of the superpowers of being your own healer is even without a Medicine Reading, you can meet your spirit guides. This simple kitchen witch Ritual Bath can help.


  • 1 cup salt (any kind)
  • At least 1 cup fresh or dried rosemary (if dried, make a tub tea)
  • 1/2 cup fresh or dried thyme (if dried, make a tub tea)
  • Fresh or dried basil (if dried, make a tub tea)
  • 1 cup blackberries and blueberries mixed in with 3 cups milk, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Moon water (to make, set a cup of clean water on a windowsill during a full moon to catch the light)
  • Any non-water-soluble crystals you have (ideally ones you found yourself in nature)
  • 1 fresh cucumber, sliced


  • Add each ingredient to the running water of your bath as an offering to your guides. Light a candle.
  • Create a smudge using a cinnamon stick by putting it in a nonflammable tray of some kind and igniting it. Waft the smoke around your body using a feather you have found.
  • Step into the bath and dunk your head underwater.
  • Place the palms of your hands on the surface of the water.
  • Close your eyes and go into a meditation.
  • Go to that special place within yourself where no one else can go.
  • Invite your spirit guides one at a time to come meet you there.
  • Introduce yourself to them and ask them questions, like you are meeting a new friend.
  • Thank them for all they do for you.
  • Be patient, you guides may come through in the bath or they may come later in your dreams or waking visions.
  • Take time after the bath or after meeting your guides to journal characteristics about them or things that they told you.



CHLOE GARCIA PONCE — Curandera (Healer)

In ancient times, a seeker, or initiate would come before the Elders to find out which animal spirit belonged to them, most of them were born with their animal allies. This type of guidance was bestowed onto each person born in the tribe, allowing their power animals to represent their medicine. A ceremony to honor and call in your animal guides is a very sacred tradition, people are learning how to journey to connect with their power animals. Not everyone is born into a tribe with such traditions, but I believe every human has the right to understand and call in their power animals to help them through their spiritual unveiling. 
Animal totems have a large role in our lives as they are part of our self-discovery, giving us avenues of self-awareness and self-expression, they assist us to understand our past and aid us to see our future. Since ancient times, animals have served our spiritual journey, teaching us about overcoming our fears, stepping into our power. They act as spiritual guardians, connecting us to our ancestry. 
A talisman initiates us into the mysteries of the unknown, a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune producing miraculous effects. A talisman is an object marked with magic signs believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection. Every religion in history has offered small objects whose purpose is to heal, protect or connect you to a higher source of faith. A totem is a sacred object, a spirit being, or a symbol that represents a lineage based on deities. I think people are opening up to their spiritual calling and are needing sacred objects to help them deepen their faith. As we deepen our connection to Mother Earth, we are aligning ourselves with its sacred language. The animal kingdom offers many insights into that universe, and allows us to find meaning and purpose into our own unveiling. I think talismans and totems have been reawakened during this pandemic, now more than ever people are wanting to call in assistance to help them cope with the instability of our times, helping them ground and connect to a higher truth.   
I believe that the animal's medicine relays lessons that apply to the human search for unity with all our relations. Each part of creation has a valid place in the medicine wheel. Allowing people to open the doorway of interconnectedness between Mother Earth and all her creatures. To walk in balance with the understanding of our guides, the animals bring messages of healing to anyone that wants to observe their lessons. When we are calling upon the power of the animal, we are asking for the essence of strength, harmony, creating a sacred alliance. As we gain knowledge from them, we attain a sense of humility and intuitiveness, activating our healing process. The power lies in the wisdom and understanding of each animal's medicine, as we honor them they become our living teachers. In learning to call on the medicine of the animal kingdom we must be in reverence and be willing to accept assistance. It is in these teachings that have brought native people to revere and respect all living things, understanding that we are part of one heart and truth. 


ALYSON CHARLES — Shaman, Author and Spiritual Teacher

My deep, reverent and direct connection with the power animal world happened right after my simultaneous divine intervention and spiritual awakening day. My core power animal, the black panther, along with three additional supportive animal guides: the bear, frog and deer, all came forward to assist me with the many dramatic life changes that were happening all at once. In the many years since that time, my relationship with the power animal world has only exponentially strengthened. It has been one of the most exalting, trusting and honoring relationships I’ve ever had. 
They worked with me and saw the integrity, bravery, willingness and sacredness in which I do my work as a shaman. I worked with them and saw the unconditional love, steadfastness and mind-blowing generosity in which they do their work as incredible teachers.
Our respect for one another had become so strong, that they came to me two years ago while I was on a trip to Bali and asked for me to switch the book I had begun writing, to co-creating a modern-day power animals guidebook with them. I live by the calls, so I was whole-heartedly willing to make the big switch, and thankfully my literary agents were too. I’m very excited to say that POWER ANIMALS the book and card deck will both be out in 2021. 
The depth of our shared, loving connection and trust is also present in bold ways when I am a medium for them. I am an intermediary for anyone looking to receive guidance, energetic medicine or messages from the power animal most wanting to come forward to support that person’s life. The communication between myself and the animals happens in real-time, so I can convey and transmit what is wanting to come through to serve their highest, greatest good. 
For those looking to do the voyaging themselves, I’ve also provided countless guided shamanic journeys that allow one to travel to another realm in order to personally meet, interact with and ask questions of their animal guide(s). The power of our work together has been undeniable, and I’ve been very blessed to be able share it for over 10,000 people at the HBO Film Festival, for over 15,000 attendees at POPSUGAR’s female-led Playground Festival, for Oprah Magazine where the journey was named a “top meditation to try,” as well as being named a “full-fledged guide into your psyche” by Forbes and “the next big thing” by Marie Claire.
To be able to understand the infinite miracles that open up, when you open up to the spiritual pathway that calls to you, is one of if not the greatest opportunities for us to behold while incarnated on Earth. I have been fortunate to have my relationship with the power animal world be one of the main guiding forces of me living my most fulfilling life and I am ever-present with my gratitude for them. 
If going deeper with this work calls to you, my online course Spirit School provides 9 different Shamanic journeys guided by me, one of which is a journey to meet your very own power animal guide. I also recommend working with beautiful talisman pieces such as the ones created by Star Animal Sundays, that have the picture of the sacred animal whose essence you are calling to activate more of in your life, or whose embodiment and teachings you are most resonating with. Once the piece is chosen, treat it with honor, meditate with it, wear it near your heart, communicate with it and be open to the positive transformation that happens when you invite the miraculous world of power animals into your life.