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We welcome you to share in this self-reflection with us, in the hope you'll gain all the goodness that comes through insight, centeredness, peace, and a greater sense of connectedness with source energy


ALYSON CHARLES — Shaman, Author and Spiritual Teacher

My deep, reverent and direct connection with the power animal world happened right after my simultaneous divine intervention and spiritual awakening day. My core power animal, the black panther, along with three additional supportive animal guides: the bear, frog and deer, all came forward to assist me with the many dramatic life changes that were happening all at once. In the many years since that time, my relationship with the power animal world has only exponentially strengthened. It has been one of the most exalting, trusting and honoring relationships I’ve ever had. 
They worked with me and saw the integrity, bravery, willingness and sacredness in which I do my work as a shaman. I worked with them and saw the unconditional love, steadfastness and mind-blowing generosity in which they do their work as incredible teachers.
Our respect for one another had become so strong, that they came to me two years ago while I was on a trip to Bali and asked for me to switch the book I had begun writing, to co-creating a modern-day power animals guidebook with them. I live by the calls, so I was whole-heartedly willing to make the big switch, and thankfully my literary agents were too. I’m very excited to say that POWER ANIMALS the book and card deck will both be out in 2021. 
The depth of our shared, loving connection and trust is also present in bold ways when I am a medium for them. I am an intermediary for anyone looking to receive guidance, energetic medicine or messages from the power animal most wanting to come forward to support that person’s life. The communication between myself and the animals happens in real-time, so I can convey and transmit what is wanting to come through to serve their highest, greatest good. 
For those looking to do the voyaging themselves, I’ve also provided countless guided shamanic journeys that allow one to travel to another realm in order to personally meet, interact with and ask questions of their animal guide(s). The power of our work together has been undeniable, and I’ve been very blessed to be able share it for over 10,000 people at the HBO Film Festival, for over 15,000 attendees at POPSUGAR’s female-led Playground Festival, for Oprah Magazine where the journey was named a “top meditation to try,” as well as being named a “full-fledged guide into your psyche” by Forbes and “the next big thing” by Marie Claire.
To be able to understand the infinite miracles that open up, when you open up to the spiritual pathway that calls to you, is one of if not the greatest opportunities for us to behold while incarnated on Earth. I have been fortunate to have my relationship with the power animal world be one of the main guiding forces of me living my most fulfilling life and I am ever-present with my gratitude for them. 
If going deeper with this work calls to you, my online course Spirit School provides 9 different Shamanic journeys guided by me, one of which is a journey to meet your very own power animal guide. I also recommend working with beautiful talisman pieces such as the ones created by Star Animal Sundays, that have the picture of the sacred animal whose essence you are calling to activate more of in your life, or whose embodiment and teachings you are most resonating with. Once the piece is chosen, treat it with honor, meditate with it, wear it near your heart, communicate with it and be open to the positive transformation that happens when you invite the miraculous world of power animals into your life.