The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird


Small yet strong, the hummingbird represents lightness of being, enjoyment of life, and the ability to endure long journeys with joy and playfulness. The hummingbird, a teacher of joy, has the ability to fly backwards, sideways, up or down, and can also hover in place for periods of time. These unique movement characteristics deliver a clear message: to live in and enjoy the moment, not regretting the past or worrying about the future, but being agile and fluid in the vicissitudes of life. Nothing is as important as what is happening in the now. This power animal calls us to “hover” in the present moment with eyes wide open to life’s beauty and sweetness. The Hummingbird’s physical lightness reminds us to be light in our thoughts and actions, and eliminate negativity to allow our souls to soar. According to shamanic beliefs, the hummingbird appears in your life as a call to release any negative energy and resentment you may be carrying on your wings, and bring forth and maintain gratitude in your conscious state. 

Those who identify with the spirit hummingbird think quickly, move swiftly and are resilient, and free. If you find you identify with this animal spirit you are most likely energetic and above all else need freedom of spirit – the spirit hummingbird can suffer feelings of uselessness and depression if caged or restricted especially by false inner beliefs.  Be sure to stop and smell the flowers -remembering to rest and recharge. You may shift rapidly from one emotion to the next, expending too much energy in the process, so it’s important to take time for stillness. Never lose your sense of wonder - as it will pave the path for your magical journey to spiritual enlightenment. It’s said, those who find they connect with this spirit power animal attain fulfillment through travel, aesthetic beauty, and creative endeavors.

Traits of the Hummingbird are Positive, Talented, Elegant, High Energy, Agile, and Adroit.

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