The Eagle

The Eagle


A fearless flyer who remains grounded through inner strength and control, the spirit eagle is known for its immense courage and power, according to shamanic beliefs. Always seeking the truth, it is guided by an inner compass and finds faith by tapping into its depths and intuition. 

As chief of all winged creatures, it’s no surprise that the eagle’s likeness has been used by countless empires across thousands of years, from Babylon to Egypt, Rome to the United States. In the Mayan culture, the spirit eagle was seen as infinitely powerful in uniting the symbolism of sun and moon; Native Americans revere it for its strength, leadership, and vision. As it flies higher than any other bird, the eagle brings with it the power and messages of the spirit world, serving as man’s connection to the divine. Its ties to the east winds (the direction of spring, dawn, and rebirth) bestows the essence of renewal. If you are going through a difficult time, the spirit eagle offers both stamina and resilience, while also signaling a new spiritual beginning. Summon this powerful animal spirit when a challenge, life change or creative pursuit lies ahead. Uber ambitious, those who identify with the power eagle seek greatness on the highest level and enjoy being in the public eye.

Traits of the eagle are Truth-seeker, Leader, Courageous, Strong, and Grounded.  

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