The Flamingo

The Flamingo


Tied to both water and air, the flamingo is a very social bird. 

A strong communicator with a delicate demeanor, the spirit flamingo represents the ability to be “ well-balanced” always characterized by intelligence, creativity, and the innate ability to be poised and graceful. The flamingo loves its flock and lives in large colonies, forming strong bonds with their mates and offspring. This spirit animal signifies equilibrium and strong social structure, and its presence in dreams may signify new experiences or exciting announcements. The flamingo personality has big dreams and chic style, and is often described as having a magnetic magical personality. 

Those who identify with the flamingo, alternatively, may be somewhat introverted, but have an inner flamboyancy and desire to be recognized. Do you feel you're not being seen or heard? The overarching spirit message may be about optimism and discovering the inner balance needed to allow yourself to embrace life with vibrancy, and inject fun and adventure into it.

Traits of the Flamingo are Outgoing, Family Oriented, Communicator, Balanced, and Vibrant.

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