The Dolphin

The Dolphin


Happy and enthusiastic, according to shamanic tradition, the spirit dolphin is a magical water animal. Both highly intelligent and in tune with its instincts, it maintains a naturally balanced state. The spirit of a dolphin is pure playfulness and joy. Think of how they frolic through the water, engaging with one another – and humans – with openness and curiosity. Their high level of intelligence and astute instincts help them to live in harmony and balance. Dolphins are a symbol of protection and healing, and their playful nature is a reminder to approach life with unencumbered ease. 

Many ancient cultures perceive the spirit dolphin as idealistic, loving, and joyful, and those who identify with this animal guide are often drawn to the healing arts and enjoy working in the spirit realm. Embrace your carefree, easygoing nature without neglecting necessary responsibilities. If the spirit dolphin presents itself to you as your animal guide, let yourself observe and embody the way in which it navigates through the world. Feel the lightness of this precious being, and remember to embrace life with more humor and joy while remaining grounded and centered. Channel and turn to this animal guide when you feel the need for extra protection and healing, as its presence is often believed to foreshadow a coming blessing.

The traits of the Dolphin are Intelligent, Intuitive, Spiritual, Healer, and Kind.

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