The Butterfly

The Butterfly


Delicate and fine, the spirit butterfly moves gracefully through the air. The fated metamorphosis it endures in order to establish its life is not an easy one, but once it has surrendered to change, it is free to fly and become a full expression of itself.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation and trust. Many cultures look to it as a manifestation of the soul – in Chinese tradition it represents immortality; in Japanese, the soul of departed ones; in ancient Greece, the psyche and everlasting life. Its presence in your life delivers an important message about the ability to go through important changes with grace and ease.

The process by which a butterfly becomes a full expression of itself is one of complete metamorphosis. Such a drastic transformation takes much faith in the cycle of life and magic of nature – to become something beyond your wildest scope of imagination. This animal guide may emerge because you are going through or about to go through changes in our life. It is present to support you in the process and to act as a reminder that in order to fly, you must first allow the natural process of rebirth. Allow yourself to go beyond the bounds of what you deem possible, and truly surrender. Trust in the flow of life, and know that great change can lead to great beauty – as beautiful as a butterfly.

According to shamanic beliefs, the spirit butterfly appears in your life as a symbol of powerful inner transformations. Just as it must experience hardship before finding its true self, so too must you trust in the beauty of life’s unfolding. Pay attention to areas of your life or personality that are in need of profound change – be open to shifting and growing with lightness and ease. Your capacity for expansion is unparalleled – avoid trying to control inevitable changes and allow the natural flow of transformation to work its magic.

The traits of the Butterfly are Graceful, Happiness, Transformation, Enthusiastic, Peacemaker, and Gentle

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